Vegetarians- 7 easy steps to become a vegetarian

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Many people have the desire to become a vegetarian. If you also have the same, the first thing to do is to think about why you are becoming a vegetarian. People become vegetarians for different reasons. Some of the peoples become vegetarian because they are suffering from some illness, so their doctor’s recommendation eliminated meats from their diet. Some are those who are animal activists and cannot bear to eat those whom they call their friends. Then there are those who, after much reading and observation of the causes of many diseases, have decided to take the preventative approach and become vegetarians to prevent infection from entering their bodies.

Step 1- Decide why you want to become a vegetarian

There are many reasons for becoming vegetarians as there are people out there. Whatever your goal is, you need to clarify it. You need to read as much information as possible on the subject of vegetarianism, to get a substantial basis for continuity. So no matter what your goal may be, for the most part, the underlying reason behind most people becoming vegetarians is a desire for better health. 

Step 2 – you need to begin to eliminate the unwanted items in your eating plan

Include more of the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. Some people go cold turkey and remove all the unwanted stuff right away. Others reject an item at a time. Again the choice is yours. If you’ve only associated being a vegetarian with eating big bowls of salad and nothing else, welcome to an exciting journey. Those times have long past, and a vegetarian lifestyle is filled with delicious and mouth-watering eats, and the salads have come a long way. The only boundary is your imagination. Now you start to have fun.

Step 3 – Create a menu plan based centered on your new eating choices

Do internet searches for vegetarian’s menu plans; check out library books on vegetarian cooking, experiment with different types of vegetables. Try out a few that appeals to you. Take your favorite plant and start looking for different ways to prepare it.

Step 4 – Never stop learning

The key to sticking with any decision is to keep you informed. The more you read and listen to materials on the health benefits of different foods and the vegetarian lifestyle, the more motivated you are to stick with it, especially in the beginning stages. I find that if some time goes by without me reading or listening to something health-related, I begin to long for foods that I once enjoyed but have decided to eliminate from my eating plan.

Step 5 – Be easy on yourself and those around you

Eating an occasional piece of ‘whatever’ amidst otherwise healthy eating plans is okay. Don’t allow anyone to make you feel guilty for occasionally. Go easy on those around you who have not yet decided to transition to a vegetarian eating plan. Rejoice in your choice! Enjoy the journey!

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