Vegetarian food Vs. Non-vegetarian food – which one is healthier?

It is an ancient debate over food that which one is healthier, vegetarian food, or non-vegetarian food. Although more than half of the world’s population assumes non-vegetarian food provides more minerals and vitamins as compared to vegetarian food. However, there are pros and cons to both of these. Every person has its perspective regarding this topic, and nothing is yet proven scientifically. 

There are two types of vegetarians, Lacto-Ovo vegetarian and strict or entirely vegetarian. The former category eats only fruits, vegetables, nuts, and soy, etc. but the latter ones, along with these, also consume the by-products of the animals such as eggs and yogurt. Non-vegetarian diets consist of meat, chicken, fish, beef, pork, or any living animal. 

Let us first talk about the benefits of eating vegetarian food: 

Controlled blood pressure: It is said to be healthy if you regularly eat only vegetarian food for your whole life. It will adequately regulate your blood circulation process without facing difficulties in the long run. 

Healthier Body Mass Index: Your BMI depends on your height and body weight. Your weight should be according to your height and vice versa. It is suggested by the vegetarian dieticians to follow a purely vegetarian diet concerning gain a healthy BMI. 

More nutrients: According to a survey, green leafy veggies are known to be loaded with more calcium, potassium, vitamins, and other vital minerals as compared to non-vegetarian foods.

Healthy heart: A low carbohydrate diet is known to keep your heart much healthier as compared to the meat and chicken as per some reports. 

Maintains body weight: If you have an accurate BMI, then your weight will be automatically be balanced. And there will be a low risk of getting prone to hazardous diseases such as diabetes, etc. 

Low cholesterol levels: We are aware of the fact that leafy greens do not contain much fat. Hence the cholesterol levels will be minimized, and chances of getting heart-related and blood pressure problems also decrease. 

Now, look at the advantages of eating non-vegetarian food: 

Muscular body: It is said to eat protein to gain weight of the body, and the chicken and fish are extremely rich in protein. Although egg yolks are also rich in protein but not as high as a chicken diet. 

More strength: Eating more carbohydrates and protein will provide more strength to your muscles and enhances your stamina. As the strength of the body depends upon the muscles. 

Increased weight: Adding chicken and meat in your daily meals will cause a rise in body weight. Therefore, it suggested leaning people by doctors and dieticians. 

Higher bone density: eating sufficient amounts of non-vegetarian food will cause your bone density to increase more rapidly as compared to any kind of medicines and supplements. Therefore, it is advised to eat during a bone fracture. 

However, there are both aspects of eating vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food, and this debate will be continued until anything becomes scientifically proven. 

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