Vegan Dish – American Style

usa dishes vegan style

I’ve been very busy lately with my dissertation and my cookbook (New American Vegan), but the former is now well on its way and the latter has been handed off. So, I should be able to post more regularly. I was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic a couple of months go, and that has meant changing my diet a bit (probably genetic as my father was diabetic). I <3 Irish genes!! Anyhow, some recent work. A couple of these are going into the cookbook, but the rest are more to push the boundaries on my cooking.

How to do vegan dish

Chili and cheeze macaroni

Chili and cheeze macaroni. This was a great dish, real comfort food. The chili is my standard chili, the marcaroni is just a brown rice mac that I like, and the cheeze is a tahini/etc. blend.

Mushroom cobbler

Mushroom cobbler with roasted asparagus. The cobbler is made with gluten flour to give it extra lift, almost like a soufflé. A great brunch recipe.

Stuffed squash with greens

Stuffed squash with greens, lentils, rice, red and white sauces. The flavors are great, and this was a beautiful presentation dish.

Strawberry and rhubarb cobbler

Strawberry and rhubarb cobbler. This was a traditional dish (along with apple pie, brown betty and a few others) when I was growing up. It’s a great and simple dish, and the rhubarb adds a lot of flavour and nutritional value.

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