cutlet vegan recipe entry

Vegan Canadian Thanksgiving Entry

My partner and I had a larger meal yesterday with family, but I whipped up something today.  In this case, it was a lemon ginger cutlet with black mushroom and onion gravy, whole wheat stuffing with raisins, apples and mushrooms, and some simple grilled asparagus.


The cutlet was baked (a wheat gluten and herb mix, including tamari, lemon, ginger, paprika, evoo, tahini and corn flour) with the stuffing (whole wheat bagel, onion, herbs, black mushrooms, raisins, chopped apple, carrots and a few other odds and ends).  The gravy was a simple combination of powerded black mushrooms, onion, nutritional yeast a little olive oil thickened with arrowroot.  And of course, the asparagus was just oven roasted with a dash of sea salt and olive oil.