Quick Vegan cheese steaks

Quick Vegan cheese steaks

Quick Vegan cheese steaks recipes

I was in Philadelphia recently and I got to try a vegan cheesesteak. Mostly if was ground soy round on a white bun, and it was good. I’ve made similar dishes with arrow-root based faux cheese sauces and seitan and thought about including a recipe for it in my upcoming cookbook. In general, I like more vegetables in my dishes and so I recreated the dish with TVP and minced shiitake mushrooms for the chew, butternut squash for the creamy texture and the orange color, and spinach for the green and for the nutrition. I also threw in a little tahini, sea salt, black pepper, red pepper, minced mushrooms, tamari and, of course, nutritional yeast. The spelt bun doesn’t melt as well as a white flour version does, though.

I garnished with a little “take the rights of animals not to be used as property seriously and go vegan today”, my absolute favourite seasoning.

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