Goblin: A perfect soundtrack of a dinner in «So What?!?»
Dead or Alive: The quick-change artists that 80’s dance has always won.
Make your way to the skinhead aliens.
Kiss: The first love you never forget.
Depeche Mode: Until 1987 it’s all right…
Carcass: Not everyone knows that one of the pioneer groups of gore-grind was totally vegetarian.
Sigue Sigue Sputnik: When the bad taste goes in the charts. I we felt in love with it. And now we still love this song.
So many people asked us if «So What?!?» has something to do with Miles Davis. Not really. Even with Pink. But we prefer Pink to the old good Miles.
Crass: Another one «So What» that we like most than Miles one.
“I was so wasted. I was a hippie, I was a burnout, I was a dropout, you know I was out of my head…”


Nabat: …we are tired of waiting!
Satyricon: The stormy north wind.
I saw Duran Duran four time on stage, without shame and with great enthusiasm. This song is the second-last song of their first LP. A masterpiece.
Preferring other things than the classic folk background present in other restaurants like our. No objection, for charity, but we choose the way of diversity. As always.
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